We premiere the latest heater from IAMI, courtesy of 1HX

Production mastermind IAMI is no stranger to us at The 3000 Network, with his release being the first on up and coming imprint 1HX sparking our interest in August last year. While IAMI himself keeps a low profile on social media, our team has been on edge waiting for the next move of the future-thinking dance producer and we were not disappointed. Refreshing two-track release Hass/Depth showcases a unique method of genre merging from various corners of musicality, which separates the producer from his competitors.

Dub-influenced Hass lifts a swinging beat into the realm of future garage with the addition of a newcomer’s curiosity, yet with the skill of a veteran. Convention is definitely an afterthought here, with the focus laying on the driving rhythms and flickering layers. A tune that draws from the melodic strengths of the producer makes for a strong continuation of his bold streak on the 1HX imprint. Hass takes hints of styles from worlds apart and forms a high ceilinged adaptation of club music’s new generation.

IAMI - Hass [The 3000 Network Premiere]
IAMI – Hass [The 3000 Network Premiere]
The release is balanced with the captivating Depth, which – as the name suggests – forms a new dimension to a careful balance of ambience and tropical beats. While it may seem a more stripped-back track, it comes as a perfect display of how meticulous the producer is in even the smallest details. Instead of chasing a high, the track drifts into a state of euphoria almost effortlessly. Depth is a force keen to awaken the fire in any open ended mind.

The boundaries of music are an afterthought in the newest 1HX release, with the London producer proving once again he is not one to underestimate in his thoughtful and pensive creations. While he finds comfort in the familiar, his familiar remains a wilderness to the rest of us. Hass/Depth takes us on a deep-dive into the creator’s mind and we are enticed into his wonderful mind once again.

You can check out our exclusive premiere of Hass below:

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