As we continue our quest to explore as many different sections of UK underground music as possible, we are constantly being exposed to brand new artists who bring something new to the table every time. Today, we are back in contact with a label who always seem to surprise us with their refreshing approach to A&Ring, keeping us on our toes with a fabulous blend of futuristic UKG originals and unpredictable bass blends. We are of course talking about the fantastic catalogue of the Extra Spicy team, an Australian dance music label that continue to put Sydney on the global EDM map with their enthusiastic approach.


For their latest drop, they have welcomed the sounds of Ekzander inside for a bubbling new four track display, again exploring the experimental plains between UKG and bass music, with some colourful compositional twists laced throughout. The project kicks off with the clicky percussion and tweaking vocal slices of ‘Bassline Highlands’, which through its unusual soundscaping, gnarly sub-lines and unpredictable arrangement gives us exactly the type of start we are looking for.

Next, the pace quickens with a moogy overload on ‘Make Me Feel’, which crunches together metallic percussive pings with bulging basslines and an almost post-footwork drum approach to throw the ravers to the left very quickly, followed by the high tempo drum rolls and glittering arpeggios of ‘Proper Bassline’, which again takes the EP down a completely different alley of sound and rhythm. Finally, ‘Spiced Rum’ sees the EP’s finest display of percussive arrangement come to the forefront as layer upon layer of breaksy goodness, topped with more groovy bass action and a generally spicy layout, putting those finessey final touches onto another wicked exploration into sound from the Extra Spicy team. 

Ekzander - Bassline Highlands [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Ekzander – Bassline Highlands [The 3000 Network Premiere]

We couldn’t help but get involved with this one, meaning you can check out our official premiere of Ekzander’s ‘Bassline Highlinds’ via the official 3000 Blog SoundCloud page below: 

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