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We premiere the latest CANDL & MELAY collaboration via Low Freqs LA

Posted 9/4/19 in

It’s safe to say that we live in a time in which Bass music is one of the most exciting genres across all of the world music, now picking up a serious amount of steam around the the US as well as the UK and Europe. When we say bass music, we don’t mean EDM, we mean direct offshoots of the UK bass movement wherever they may be. This new release shows us just how exciting the LA scene is finding bass music and how much they are contributing to it also.

As a label, Low Freqs LA have been putting together some fantastic releases in recent times, including three top draw bass driven compilations, showcasing some of the hottest new 4×4 artists to emerge out of the US over the last couple of years. These compilations see appearances from the likes off Miseri, Famburglar and more, shining a much needed light across a tonne of unrecognized talent.

Today we are here to take a little look at their latest edition in their self-titled project ‘We Are Low Freqs’, and for a third edition, it shows a real level of growth within the LA scene. We hear some really exciting inclusions across the board from artists such as Burnsbeats, Armen Hammer and more, who all hit out with seriously weighty originals.



The collaboration that we are very excited to be premiering today comes to us from label founder MELAY, alongside long standing Low Freq LA resident CANDL. The pair clearly have a certain amount of chemistry, having collaborated in the past and really help kick start the label’s movement. Their track entitled ‘That Ass’ is the perfect example of the sounds that Low Freq LA are looking to push, as they combine crunchy drum rhythms, low droning bass tones and a collection of well placed vocal samples in the lead up to a hard hitting breakdown. When we reach it, we are greeted with an array of sumptuous LFO movements, warbling away beneath more crunchy drum and vocal work.

It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with these guys, who are looking to become one of the lead forces in bass music worldwide in the not so far away future.

You are able to view our exclusive premiere below, via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud page below: 

You can also check out the rest of the full compilation here: 

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Words: KXVU


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