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We premiere the latest Bean original as part of the new Low Freqs compilation

Posted 29/11/19 in

As we shuffle towards the end of 2019, we are now starting to see different labels and artists put together their yearly round up pieces and final drops before we move into what is set to be a dazzling 2020. It’s been an amazing year for bass music as a whole, with numerous UK artists being flown out around the world to perform on some of the biggest global stages, as well as some of the strongest releases we have ever seen come out of the UK in general.

We have also very much enjoyed the rise of a number of newer label projects, as we are firm believers that the arising of new projects keeps the big boys on their toes and also constantly injects new energies into a scene which if left unchecked, does have the potential to become a big stagnant. One of the labels we have loved to watch the progression of is Low Freqs, who have constantly supplied the bass scene with some incredible music over the course of the year, and they are back to finish up the year in style.

Following on from three very popular previous editions, we are very happy to announce our involvement with the fourth compilation in the ‘We Are Low Freqs’ release series, as the team compile an absolutely storming line up as the perfect way to leave their final stamp on 2019 as a whole. They have assembled quite the roster for this one as they invite the sounds of Candl, Mike DFekt, Greed, Melay, TVU and a host of others to get involved in what truly is a top notch body of work.

Because of this we couldn’t resist getting involved with an exclusive 3000 Blog premiere as we provide the official upload for Bean’s contribution to the project, entitled ‘Everytime’. As an overall composition, this one boasts everything, from the smooth, shimmering introdutory synthesisers and catchy vocal lines to the well thought, crispy bass tones and unpredictable arrangements of the breakdown. It’s a tidy piece of work, and most certainly a highlight point of what is an overall fabulous release.

You can check out our official premiere of the track below:

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Words: KXVU

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