We premiere the latest Barry belter, courtesy of Nightflower

There is undoubtedly a buzz around the UK underground dance music circuit following the reopening of venues and live locations around the country last week. If you have dared to open Instagram for more than 30 seconds, you will have most certainly seen the clips of DJ’s making their return to the dance floors, all of which have seemingly been jam-packed with keen ravers reacting to the latest drops. With that in mind, we are absolutely certain that the general public’s noise-o-meter (yes it’s a made up word) is likely to be have had it’s threshold raised ever so slightly, given the lack of loud music over the course of lockdown.


Today we are back to exploring the more raucous corners off bass music as the fantastic Nightflower Records are back in action, unleashing the explosive sounds of Barry into the world with this thunderous new release, that we simply cannot get enough of here at The 3000 Network. Based in Liverpool, Barry has been generating quite a buzz with his hard hitting bassy originals, collecting release credits with the likes of YosH, Amplified and ourselves with 3000 Bass, giving him quite the resume before we even begin diving into this one.


This is an EP that represents the dirtiest side of bass music, as we kick off with the murderous bass twists and intricate melodic switch ups of ‘Okay‘, which sits perfectly as a ruckus-inducing introduction to this EP. On the flip side, we had to get ourselves involved with an official premiere as ‘Power Up‘ wades into view. It’s a sizzling number to say the least, again showcasing the the most explosive end of the bass music spectrum, fusing warbling bass wobbles with a constantly expanding composition. Both of these are are likely to cause a serious ruckus in the newly opened dance floors!


You can check out our official premiere if this one via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud link below: 

You can also check out our official YouTube premiere of ‘Okay’ below: 


Stream via Spotify below:

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