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We premiere the latest acidic adventure from DV-US

Posted 4/2/20 in

If there is one thing we love here at threethousand.co.uk, it’s a multi-tasker. Over the lats few years, we have seen a number of different musical figures come forward with ranging skill sets across the realms of underground music in the UK, from label heads to artists to producers, DJs and radio presents (cough cough). Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the people making it happen in his own town, as we premiere a brand new release from DV-US.

– DV-US – 

Based over in Bournemouth, the young entrepreneur has been making quite the name for himself. For starters he heads up the ESC_ imprint, a label that we have been watching with keen eyes as they excel in both a masterful catalogue and of course a stunning brand. As well as this, he is a regular on Goat Shed Radio, a broadcasting platform that has spent the majority of 2019 picking up steam. Today however we are hear to talk specifically about his own production.

He has provided us with an exclusive premiere of his brand new original ‘Beatdown Boulevard’ and despite being primarily known for his work within the 140BPM sector, this latest project really does give us something truly unique. This project see’s him explore a much more housey set of influences, primarily acid-house as we hear him run riot with moogy synthesizer expressions and pumping drum patterns from start to finish. It’s crisp, it’s clean and it’s a straight up thumper.

We asked DV-US directly about the release, asking about it’s solo’d origin and whether or not it’s a direction we can expect to hear more of, to which he replied ‘Yeah man, It;s a self release but going into all stores, iTunes, Spotify etc. I’m planning to do more but going to be from a range of stuff i’m currently sat on, so mainly self releasing stuff that wont quite fit with labels catalogues around here if that makes sense. I have got another two track EP lined up in a month or so, which is definitely more of a different style of grime/dubstep-ish. Basically, I cant really pinpoint a specific genre I’m going to stick to over the coming months, just whatever comes naturally at the time’.

You can check out our official premiere of ‘Beatdown Boulevard’ below:

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Words: KXVU

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