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We premiere Sam Mkhize’s new MudPie drop and boy does it pop

Posted 2/7/20 in

One thing we have been absolutely loving during this lockdown experience is taking some additional time to explore new areas of electronic music and the explosive sounds that follow, especially when we add an international twist to proceedings.
It’s safe to say that at The 3000 Network we most definitely do not focus solely on the raucous. We have very much enjoyed looking into the deeper, more stripped side of 4×4 music, with today’s premiere being a perfect example of that as we find ourselves leaping half way across the world to get into MudPie‘s latest drop.

Over the last few years we have been continuing to hear word on South Africa‘s constantly growing house scene, which seemingly is producing some of the most exciting new producers in the world. MudPie have seemingly hooked an absolute gold rush with this one as they invite Sam Mkhize in for a wonderful five track experience under the title track ‘Euforia‘. It’s a very exciting selection, again exploring numerous different dance floor themes and forward thinking electronic elements across five original compositions with a real spicy kick working within each one.

We have been given the absolutely joyous task of showcasing the title track ‘Euforia‘ on the official 3000 Blog SoundCloud page and we couldn’t be more excited to get involved.

The track itself is again a stunning journey through numerous electronic ideas, kicking off with a spacey introduction built from shimmering reversed orchestration and big room sub structures. From here the track becomes a slowly progressing roller, dipped in subtle jackin’ melodic juice and a set of rolling drums that will inject a bag of energy into any dance floor they will be heard on.

The project as a whole is an absolute triumph and we couldn’t be happier to be getting involved. You can check out our official premiere via the SoundCloud link below:

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Words: KXVU

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