Bass music has become a true worldwide phenomenon over the course of the past few years. It seems as though almost every new article we get ourselves involved with has some new level of international collaboration and we absolutely love it. Seeing the sound spread as organically as it has been, drawing influence from across the globe, is such a fascinating event to watch. Today we are taking another look at our link ups across the Atlantic as Low Freqs unveil another top quality drop.


Since we’ve been posting regular content on The 3000 Network, it’s safe to say that the guys at Low Freqs have provided us with a consistent string of joy with their EP’s and compilation drops. As an L.A-based label, it’s always interesting to see the combinations of styles and flavours they bring forward, with today’s focus being on a brand new project with the UK-located duo of Moda. Through a combination of live-stream action and hard hitting singles, Moda have been on a serious roll of late, so this link up was one we were super keen to dive into!

MODA - Pysche [The 3000 Network Premiere]
MODA – Psyche [The 3000 Network Premiere]
So got involved we did. We love premiering new music more than anything and this brand new single by the name of ‘Psyche’ is a perfect example of why we get so much joy from getting involved. The track itself starts off with a atmospheric introduction, giving us a feel of the crunchy rhythm and darker, more tech-influenced vibe from the off. There is something so enjoyable about filtered percussion on a track like this, especially when it is then chased up by the metallic, bassy goodness that follows on this one. The whole track has an industrial vibe that we absolutely love and is definitely one we will be recommending people keep on their playlists for when the raves eventually re-open.

You can check out our official premiere of this one via the link below: 


‘MODA – Psyche’ is out now, stream/download it here

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