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We premiere exclusive new Killjoy remix for Tumble Audio’s funky return

Posted 2/4/19 in

Within the vast, expansive and ever developing realms of bass music in the UK, we are always looking for the next big sound. The last few years has seen bassline take the lead roll, with artists now touring the world off the back of vicious 4×4 creations. However, over the last year, it would be safe to say that UK funky’s notoriety has been significantly enhanced, becoming established as one of the most exciting corners of modern bass music.

Today we are here to look at two outfits that have kept a solid affiliate with the drum heavy genre over the years, the first of which is Nottingham based legendary imprint: Tumble Audio. Over the years we have seen the label continuously push funky-style beats and rhythms alongside bassline and grime releases, which has lead to them boasting one of the most versatile catalogues of any of the higher rated UK bass labels.

For this most recent excursion, we see them employ the colourful sounds of Ali McK and IYZ, a duo who have been synonymous with funky since before the genre’s widespread reemergence. Their sound is known to pack a punch, constantly rotating a variety of percussive lead lines and crunching bass patterns, always giving their tracks a unique yet extremely accessible set of rhythms.

Ali McK & IYZ

This EP is a testament to their style, with the two originals recordings in ‘Driver’ and ‘London’s Calling’ supplying us with a wash of carnival energies from start to finish, remaining unpredictable to the last and able to energise any dance with a blissful concoction of percussive patterns and basslines.

We are thrilled to be given the honour of premiering the legendary Killjoy here with his official remix of ‘Driver’, which is a perfect showcase of Killjoy’s unique funky and bassline fusion, stuffed with cheeky grooves and catchy leads.

The EP also houses a very interesting Coldpast rework of ‘Driver’, which goes on to put the finishing touches on what is a fantastic, original body of work from Ali McK & IYZ. As a project this bodes well for the rest of 2019 and we can’t wait to see what else both producers and Tumble Audio have to offer for the rest of the year

You can check out the full premiere of Killjoy’s ‘Driver’ remix below:


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Words: KXVU

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