As the sounds of the UK continue to grow and mature, dance music as an overarching title is undeniably becoming more and more experimental, especially when it comes to the fusion and overlapping of different individual sub-genres. This is something that has of course been going on for a long time and remains a crucial part of underground dance music in the UK’s overarching growth. Today we are diving into a newer name who is following just such a path, but boy is it a creative original.


The sounds of Espree are most certainly outside the box, which is in no way a bad thing. The young Bristol-local is slowly but surely carving a way a name for himself and his uniquely fluid compositional style, stacking up well recieved releases on the likes of Maneki, WOB! and ourselves here at The 3000 Network with a killer 3000 Bass drop not too long ago. Today’s premiere is a saucy helping of a similar vein to say the least!


As we mentioned above, fusion and outside-the-box compositional thinking are two things that very clearly sit in the centre of Espree’s production approach, with this brand new single entitled ‘Kick Right Back’ pushing the boundaries further still. We are met with a patch of smooth, crunchy synthesizer designs and unpredictable rhythms within the melodies they use, all scattered over the top of post-garage drum designs. There is something so satisfying about the 8-bit like distortion and steadily rising basslines below that give this one the real oomf. The whole approach is both refreshing and original, meaning we simply had to get involved.

You can check out our official premiere for this one via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud link below: 



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