We premiere CANDL’s wavy new drop on the legendary Low Freqs

Here at The 3000 Network, we take a great amount of pride in just how much of the UK underground dance music scene we are able to cover on a regular basis. This platform has slowly but surely become one of the most looked to online magazines for exploring and discovering great new sounds from around the UK, but today, we are once again expanding our borders as we leap across the pond, all the way to California as we take in a brand new drop from one of LA’s most exciting production talents. We are of course talking about the one and only CANDL.

Having first become of aware of his work a couple of years back, watching from the distance and following is catalogue as it has grown and moved into so many different areas of electronic dance music, settling in a bass-driven zone that has become extremely popular over the last few years. As one of the leading forces on the super consistent Low Freqs imprint, CANDL has picked up quite a reputation, both as one of the producers you need to be keeping an eye on and also as a consummate professional in the way he goes about his business.

Today we are absolutely thrilled to be lending a helping hand with a look at this super colourful new premiere via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud page, unveiling ‘Get‘, a super choppy overview of CANDL‘s unique approach to bass music, with this one focussing heavily on the rhythmic elements and constantly shifting drum-scapes. There is a seriously pulsating vibe about this one as gnarly 808 drones lead the parade from the opening, leading to a clicky combination of percussive drivers and breakbeat interludes. It’s the definition of a progressive bass banger, and we couldn’t be happier to be premiering this one for you all to enjoy.

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