We premiere Bulu’s weighty ‘For Real’ original.

It’s always an exciting sight to see new music land from friends of The 3000 Network. Over the course of the last two years or so, we have built up a tight network of collaborators and promotional pluggers, via which we are able to keep an eye on near enough the entirety of underground dance music here in the UK. This means we can see just how experimental the underground side of dance music is becoming and we are loving every single second of it. Today, we are again linking up with the one and only Bulu, a producer whose sound seems to just breathe originality. We were very excited indeed when we saw that his brand new three track EP was landing tomorrow.

Bulu - For Real [The 3000 Network Premiere]

There is an extremely interesting area of sound that seems to populate the space between grime and techno, which Bulu has worked his way into being of the champions of over the course of the last few years. We hold originality in such high regard here at The 3000 Network, which is why we simply had to get involved with the release on a closer level, giving you and official 3000 Blog Premiere of ‘For Real’, an absolute corker of a track which you can check out below.

On a production level, there is no getting away from the fact that Bulu has absolutely torn this one to shreds, levelling up yet again without losing any of that rawness and electronic energy that has attracted so many people to his sound to begin with. This one takes on a much more space-travelling breaksy vibe, with some incredibly crunchy drum work driving the track forward, sitting between an array of shimmering pad textures and glittering arpeggio lines, giving the vocal snippits we find throughout an extra juice boost.

You can take in our official premiere below, with the full EP being available to download and stream from tomorrow! 

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