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We premiere brand new drop from Johnny 2 Shots, out now on House Of Hustle

Posted 27/11/19 in

When this enticing new offering from Johnny 2 Shots & Two Tails Feat. S3RL – ‘I Want It’ recently dropped in our laps, we leapt at the chance to give a good old once over!

This track doesn’t mess about introducing the elements, the driving drums start off the track, filtering down before introducing bouncing 808 style toms into the mix. Like an alarm, the synths and vocals come in and immediately start to build the energy as the track barrels towards the drop.

Speaking of, a myriad of synths take us down a very techy turn. I’ve a soft spot for synths with dynamic variation, and each one here does not disappoint! Taking us into the breakdown, we see a hard hitting snare enter the mix, as well as some nice piano stabs to change up the heavy electro feel. The second drop sees a return to the myriad of techy synths, which when combined with the driving monotonous vocals are certain to make this a peak time tech house smasher!

Johnny 2 Shots & Two Tails Feat. S3RL – I Want It is out now on House Of Hustle:


Words: pundit_uk

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