We absolutely love to see different label projects and movements who we have been involved with promoting continue to grow and prosper amidst a very crowded UK bass scene. This has lead to a very healthy state of affairs across the scene as a whole in numerous cases, with labels now being able to constantly release forward thinking bass music projects, pushing the genre forward and also introducing us to a range of fantastic new artists who appear to be arriving every week!

Today, we are going to be taking a look at a label who fits the above description down to a T, constantly delivering exciting new releases and giving a platform for artists to show what they are all about without feeling they have to fit into a particular genre-box. We are course talking about the magnificent Nightflower Records, who return here with a sumptuous collection of top quality remix creations, sending Nomad’s explosive ‘Get It’ into the blender with five colourful reworks, all adding something very unique to the table.

Nomad - Get It Remix EP
Nomad – Get It Remix EP

We begin our look at the project with at Barry’s very original sounding rework, deploying a vibrant display of bouncing synthetic pulses and groovy, tech-inspired rhythmic arrangements to give the original a very unique twist. Next up, we jump directly back into the more raucous side of the UK bass sound as Joe Easton arrives with a barrage of high-tempo bass twists and gnarly sound design, crunching the original into a much more potent dancefloor damager.

From here we then move into the darker sounds of Kneeboy, who gives the track a much more gravelly edge, doused into grizzly synthesizer slides and crunchy drum production that gives this one a much dirtier feel than the previous two. We then take in the final of the external remixes, with Kirbs adding a colourful overhaul to proceedings, scattering those instantly recognizable vocal samples among a low-driven sub drive, coupled with enjoyable sound effects and a much more stripped back set of textures.

We enjoyed this project so much that we simply had to get involved, giving the Barry remix an official premiere over on the 3000 Bass YouTube page, which you can check out via the embedded link below:


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