We premiere an exclusive new Ruckspin x Om Unit collaboration, dropping on Elswick Records

It’s not often that we find ourselves taking a look into full album projects here at The 3000 Network, primarily due to the vast majority of dance music releases being formatted into both singles and smaller length EPs. This kind of goes with the territory of course, but we are thrilled to be able to move into a wider world today as we check out the first landing from the newly formed Elswick Records, who welcome Ruckspin for a full-length solo LP project. The multi-talented producer, often working as the in-house producer for the legendary Submotion Orchestra, uses this opportunity to build an absolute masterpiece of electronic music design with ‘Songs For The Time Being‘ a pretty perfect showcasing of electronic music in 2020.

Ruckspin - Mono No Aware ft Om Unit [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Ruckspin – Mono No Aware ft Om Unit [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Jam-packed with exciting collaborative material and explosive production techniques, Ruckspin gives us an out and out tour of the spaces between genres, with the introductory sweeping soundscapes and gorgeous chiming textures of ‘Merced‘ kicking us off perfectly. From here, the choppy rhythms and pitched vocal designs of ‘Stuck‘ alongside Quark give us some groovy insight, before Ed Thomas arrives for some exceptional vocal additions on ‘Still Here‘, a post house parade of digital delights. The wonderful Lylli then provides some delicate vocal additions to the soothing composition of ‘Over You‘, before we jump into another exceptional synthetic landscape within ‘Slow Blink‘.

Moving into the second half of the project, we hear the pace quicken significantly, firstly with the super glitchy hip-hop-inspired switches of ‘Taking Back Control‘ alongside Jinadu, then chased up by the glistening half-time drum structures and subtle reese textures of ‘Mono No Aware‘ alongside the mighty Om Unit. We then manoeuvre back into a more acoustic landscape next as the organic guitar plucks, reversed strings and warm vocal layers of J Appiah introduce ‘Save It‘, With ‘Best Laid Plans‘ combining Ruth Royall‘s big room vocals with some striking synthesis for a big room smash. We then round off with another fabulous soundscape skit entitled ‘Janette! The Bus!‘, which again showcases Ruckspin’s pretty impeccable harmonic ability, putting the finishing touches on a truly exceptional body of work.

We couldn’t resist getting involved, which is why you can check out our exclusive premiere of ‘Mono No Aware‘ featuring Om Unit via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud link below:

‘Ruckspin – Songs For The Time Being’ is out on Elswick Records on 4th December

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