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We premiere an exclusive Andrea Careddu remix to celebrate the new Kurt Baggaley EP.

Posted 24/6/19 in

Today we are here to look at something slightly different as we dive into the deeper, more techy realms of house music. As a platform we want to reach as many different genres of music as possible, which is why we are super excited to bring you today’s exclusive premiere, courtesy of 3-4-1 Cuts.

For this release, the label have employed the talents and skills of Kurt Baggaley, a producer who has been working around electronic music for an extended number of years, who here touches down with an absolutely wicked body of work. For us however, it’s all about the remix as we dip into Andrea Careddu’s potent rethink of ‘Outreach’, which happens to be the first maxi single from the 3-4-1 imprint.

– Kurt Baggaley – 

The track itself is somewhat of a progressive masterpiece, as we hear Careddu’s unique sense of flavour and style woven flawlessly among the threads of the original creation, this time focusing on slow, precise harmonic evolution and atmospheric prowess, giving the track a real sense of space and size. It’s constantly expanding, bringing new themes to the front whilst other’s shimmer on the in background, rotating in position, which gives the overall composition a real sense of movement and togetherness.

You can check out our official premiere of the track below: 

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