As always, we are keen to stay as on top of the scene as we possibly can here at The 3000 Network, constantly scouring our radars and exploring the realms of SoundCloud and Spotify to find out every last nook and cranny of information about what’s happening across the bass scene worldwide. Our journey leads us far and wide, but sometimes there are few things better than finding a stomping bassline remix that just slaps differently. Today, that is exactly what we are here to present as we jump back onto premiere duty, exploring a label that has a lot to offer with their incredibly high standard of releases across different sounds and styles.

Enter: Яewind Яecords, a fabulous imprint whose consistency has wowed us whilst exploring their extensive catalogue of dancefloor-driven sounds. Dubbing themselves as a label that focus directly on Speed Garage, House & Garage & Bassline, their roster has held some pretty exciting names over the years, with today’s offering being something quite special. As we mentioned above, sometimes there is nothing better than a speaker-busting Bassline remix and that is exactly the type of flavour that Mark krupp has unleashed with his sizzling remix of AUDREY NUNA’s ‘Damn Right’.

Right from the jump we can feel the sauce flowing through this one, as Mark, a producer who realistically should need no introduction following on from his tireless solo projects, gets to work deconstructing the original vocal lines and arranging them into a monster of a riddim. The slightly quickened pace and explosive synthersizer designs through the heart of this one give the whole track an electrifying vibe, along with a constantly evolving design that is sure to send ravers around the country into an absolute tizz. The combination of colourful melody and teeth-grinding bass action make this one of our favourite remix drops of the year, meaning we simply couldn’t resist getting involved.

You can check out The 3000 Network Pemiere of this one via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud page below:

Also for a limited time, we have been given the opportunity to give away the remix as a free download, so get it while you can below!


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