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We premiere a tasty new Fork And Knife track, courtesy of our friends at In:flux Audio

Posted 20/6/19 in

We were absolutely thrilled to see this one hit our inbox as In:flux keep up their very exciting 2019 run with a fantastic new EP from Fork And Knife, a producer who has found himself moving freely between different genres of UK bass music, making quite the name for himself wherever he tends to land.

This latest project comes for Fork And Knife after a long line of really popular releases alongside labels such as Articulate Sound, Deep Cover and Strictly Flava, not forgetting a top quality with Slime Recordings earlier this year which we found to be a particular favourite:

However, we are here to provide premiere duties for one of the most exciting tracks on the new EP project, which coincidentally drops tomorrow, so now is the best chance to sneak an early listen before the release hits the shelves. Whilst the EP itself features 5 corking originals, we have decided to lay our focus onto this track entitled ‘Goblin Choir’, a gnarly thumper that rides the line between funky and grime perfectly, both in its instrumentation and rhythmic design. You can check out the full premiere below:

We were also lucky enough to grab a quick Q/A session with Fork And Knife, which we have transcribed below:

Have you been working with In:flux for a long time?

Been in touch with in:flux for about 18 months now I reckon. First release with them was on their ‘white label’ series and then I think it was my ‘good morning’ EP that came out after that. That did really well so figured I’d put as much stuff out with them as possible. Think I’ve been on every compilation (except the dubstep ones) since. They seem like ok dudes too.

You seem to move really easily between genres, does this EP summarize your sound at the moment?

Yeah. It’s a blessing and a curse really. I do love making loads of different styles and bpms but I feel like it might be easier to cement an identity if I stuck to 1. That does sound boring though. I do feel like this EP is quite a good lil rough guide of the kind of spectrum I’m working in. But then I do have a bunch of dnb I’m sitting on as well as some 4×4 funky so… I like to think that my overall ‘sound’ is quite consistent so maybe it doesn’t matter what genre or bpm I’m working in. But yeah, short answer… This EP summarises my sound at the moment

Goblin Choir seems to have some influence from grimey themes in regards the instrumentation, was that intentional?

Oh yeah! I think that is a big part of my sound and I do like to apply that kind of instrumentation to different genres. In this case garage. Although to be honest, if I took the swing off the percussion in this track it would probably be a straight grime tune. But yeah I remember sending a tune to in:flux a while ago thinking it sounded wildly different to anything I’d done before and it wouldn’t fit anywhere but Aaron just said ‘its funky grime. You make funky grime’. So that was an eye opener and something that’s constantly in my head when writing. Sometimes you need someone to tell you what kind of music you make.

Why the name Goblin Choir?

Haha- no other reason that it’s a funny concept. A choir of goblins. That’s funny! I used a stock choir from logic for the intro called something like ‘male voice choir’ and I just thought it would be better if they were goblins. I don’t want to tell anyone how to listen to the tune but if you could picture that choir sound coming from a bunch of goblins, that’d be great.

What is your opinion on Sporks?

Like em! Yeah, not got a bad word to say about them really.

What is next for Fork and Knife?

Just loads of releases basically. So there’s this EP, a tune with DJ spookz’s Low Pitched, a couple tunes with 1forty, 1 with Tumble Audio, a pending Articulate Sound EP. Releases with all the usual suspects really. Collabs galore as well. Retrospect, Nekst, 9trane, Rame. Another mad vocal track in the pipeline too but probably can’t talk about that just yet. Got a few radio sets coming up. Would love to start playing out more/ at all. So if you’re a promoter reading this… I’m your guy.

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Words: KXVU

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