One of our favourite things about working together on the combined efforts of The 3000 Network, is being able to showcase such a wide range of underground music and flavour, whether that be through us seeking it out ourselves from a journalistic perspective, or being gifted information and premiere opportunities surrounding upcoming releases. Today, we are going to be diving into a premiere from an artist who has been chipping away at the underground scene for a number of years now, building up a solid fanbase and coordinating a solid catalogue of personal releases alongside a number of the UK’s most popular underground music labels.

Courtesy of the fabulous team over at Drippyboiii, a midlands-based label who continue to impress us with their super-consistent run of drum & bass releases, exploring the explosive side of the sound with a catalogue absolutely bulding with bass-driven goodness. This time around, they have pushed the boat out slightly further and welcomed the sounds of the ever-ready S3 Dubs to the table, who delivers a monsterous six track display, exploring not only the darker side of drum & bass, but also the swampy districts of dubstep at the same time.

S3 Dubs - Duck Sword [The 3000 Network Premiere]
S3 Dubs – Duck Sword [The 3000 Network Premiere]
As you can well imagine, when this one landed in the inbox we couldn’t resist taking a peak, with the EP kicking off with ‘How You Like It’, a roller-inspired sub-buster, complete with a wicked singalong vocal and a colourful showcase of stripped back drum processing, followed by a another chunky piece of rave-ready dynamite in ‘You Give Me’, combining sweeping bass growls and acidic synth textures with fantastic results. Next, the first of the dubstep side of the project as the robotic synthesizer curls and twisted metallic jolts of ‘Better Go Home’ lead into earth-shattering synth drips and distorted vocal relays of ‘Swindle’ as the pace quickens back to a roller tempo. We then take a taste of ‘Tomb King’, a jump-up influenced shelldown, focussing primarily on gnarly synthesis and syncopated rhythmic flare.

Finally, we get into a special treat with ‘Duck Sword’, the second dubstep track off the project, which we have had the absolute pleasure of premiering ourselves over on the 3000 Blog SoundCloud. This one is a devlish adventure through minor melody and sweeping LFO delerium, rounding off the EP with a dunk of old school 140 abandon. You can check out our official premiere below:


Drippyboiii Recordings ::

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S3 Dubs ::

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