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We peep a brand new heater from Alexander Belousov

Posted 9/9/19 in

At 3000 we are always keen to keep up to date with the full range of genres that co-exist within the bass music bracket, including everything from dubstep to bass house. Today we are looking more towards the latter as we touch down for a peek at the latest offering from the super popular Bunny Tiger Dubs imprint, based out in Berlin. Boasting a 70k follower base on their SoundCloud, they clearly have a reputation for putting out some top quality releases across the dance music spectrum.

Their new drop comes to us courtesy of Alexander Belousov, a Russian producer who packs a potent bunch in his forward thinking 4×4 rumblers, a trait which he showcases effortlessly here across two storming originals. He is known primarily for bringing an eerie edge to the atmosphere of his recordings, setting them apart from a lot of tracks in a similar field. Originality within a crowded scene is a result often neglected in todays market, but this new EP is exactly what we are looking for.

Firstly, we take a look at the opening track ‘The Human Element’, a seriously moody roller which as predicted above if given a serious edge from its spooky padded background textures and growling, gnarly sub bass tones. When these are topped with precisely processed drum sounds and sharp, tightened rhythmic patterns, we are most certainly in for a bit of  a treat.

On the flip side we are given another special original as we drive down a more stripped back angle on ‘You Like It’. This one without a doubt draws from a more minimal set of influences, focusing on more subtle sub shimmers and droning bass tones, again topped with colourful, crunchy drum ideas and spacey tones above, perfect for a switch up in any dance.

This is an EP we were seriously impressed with, seeing Belousov showcase his unique, dark take on modern techno music in all it’s majesty. We have attached the EP for you to check out below:

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Words: KXVU

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