We peek at this euphoric new outing System Kids

The genre boundaries we find ourselves constantly exploring and hurdling here at The 3000 Network are continuing to expand at a rate we are finding quite alarming, as walls continue to be ripped down every day with inter-genre fusion becoming more and more normalized every day. Today, that combination sees us take a trip across the water to grab a look at the latest work from System Kids, a team of music producers based in Chicago, US, again working extremely hard to mash together EDM themes with futuristic bassline synth designs.

Having burst onto the scene just under a year a go with a string of high quality remix projects, including rethinks the more pop-influenced sounds of Clean Bandit, Flume and Harry Styles, we have seen a clear and obviously level of quality within their production methods, being able to reimagine these internationally acclaimed hits into dancefloor-ready warheads. Today however we see them break out of the remix mould, which unfortunately is a trap we tend to find a lot of producers falling into these days, which is understandable considering the instant appeal and interaction that comes with a high profile remix.

As mentioned above, this is a fatastic example of the international fusion we are seeing become more and more common between the UK & US dance music scenes. The introduction gives us an inkling of what to expect as high tempo 4×4 drum rhythms are launched beneath choppy, pitched down vocal slices, driving us towards an incredibly euphoric breakdown, topped with big room chord sounds and some serious side-chaining action. The whole track just seems to breathe, despite its high intesity approach. We are fairly confident that we will be seeing more and more of both the System Kids and this new sound over the coming months and we couldn’t more more excited to witness it.

You can check out the track below:

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Words: KXVU