We just launched our new look website!

First of all, we want to send our wishes out to teach and every one of our readers right from the off. Back in 2018, The 3000 Network website was finally established to become a platform for exploring and showcasing the latest and greatest bass music worldwide. This journey has seen us explore many different genres, styles and performance outlets, welcoming hundreds of guests onto the platform every year, bit it by way of interview, premiere, review or something in-between. 

The 3000 Network
The 3000 Network

Despite all that has been happening across the breadth of 2020, we have been working away tirelessly here at 3000 HQ to develop the website that we feel has become one of the pillars of readable content within the bass music scene, giving the entire page a bit of a face lift for 2021 which somehow sits just around the corner. 

The 3000 Network Team

We have decided therefore to completely revamp the website itself, with a brand new layout featuring across the home page specifically, making finding and reading our latest articles and interviews easier than ever before. We have also given our “About Us” page a major overhaul, giving the writers their own catalogue of written work, meaning you can stay up to date with your favourite music journalists by simply bookmarking their personal catalogue pages. 

We have also laid down a load more information on how we can help promote your own personal or label projects through our now extensive list of website services, including reviews, interviews, premieres, reposts and more, everyone needs a little boost every now and then of course!

Promotional Services


We are thrilled with how the page has turned out and it has made us even more excited to continue our work across 2021, exploring bass music as a whole and taking in more new music than ever before!

A big thank you to Vanta Studio for their hard work in getting the new look site up and running!