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We hop over to Canada for exclusive new Kid Wizard premiere

Posted 9/12/19 in

A topic we have continuously found ourselves discussing here at is the new world expansion of bass music and the new influences it is being able to pick up as it travels and becomes more popular across the globe. We have been loving this rapid expansion and have been seriously enjoying the music that has been coming from it!

Today we continue that discussion as we take a brief hop across the sea and land in Canada, a thriving hot-bed for electronic music innovation. We are joined by an artist by the name of Kid Wizard, a producer who draws influence from his now expansive native house scene.

The more we learn about Canada’s thriving electronic scene, the more we love it as we continue to see artists and releases such as this one make their way to the surface, showcasing a country ready for international exposure in its dance music output. For us, this is always a thrilling thing to witness.

The track we are here to officially premiere today takes the name ‘Blue Raspberry’ and is the perfect blend of the different influences and styles that Kid Wizard finds himself amongst. The introduction comes to us made up of punchy drum arrangements and lofi-phone clip samples, leading us towards a more mature breakdown.

When we get there we greeted by smooth, shimmering vocal slices and tasty, colourful sub patterns, all grooving away beneath jittery rhythms and nicely processed drum sounds, making this one a seriously multi-purposed track.

We have attached our official premiere of the track below:

Follow: Kid Wizard

Words: KXVU


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