We go international as we premiere Myledo’s new drop with Australia’s Extra Spicy

As always, The 3000 Network is a project that really does try to cover the whole world’s interest in bass music, even in more UK centric genres that have been able to spread their wings and expand across different countries and continents. Today, we find ourselves zooming half way across the world to Sydney, Australia, for a look at this spectacular new project from the Extra Spicy team.

As the third XTRA Spicy compilation drop, we are very thrilled to be getting involved on official premiere duty. The compilation as a whole is pretty damn tidy, giving us the opportunity to observe the rapidly growing Australian bass and garage scene from afar. It’s no small selection either, as we see the likes of Krypsis, 99 Nissan Patrol, UNKLE SYD, Akul, DJ SUNROOF, Mincy, Floor Twenty & End User Licence Agreement all provide us with top quality bangers. We are here today however to provide an official 3000 Blog premiere for a sizzling new creation from Myledo who provides track eight on the compilation.

Myledo - Why Didn't You Mention It [The 3000 Network Premiere]

As we move onto the track itself, we can really begin to appreciate the quality of the project as a whole, as Myledo unleashes some super smooth flavours on ‘Why Didn’t You Mention It’. It’s safe to say that garage as a parent genre is slowly but surely becoming more and more experimental and tracks like this, with it’s luscious horn swings and super crunchy drum arrangements giving us a much more organic look at 2-step rhythms and emotive dance music. There’s something so pleasing about the delicacy of those vocal samples as well, it just seems to melt upon your eardrums, smoother than a chocolate fondue.

It’s nothing short of a masterclass in creative production techniques and we couldn’t be more excited to be premiering this one for you.

You can check out the track via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud link below:

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