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We get stuck into a sumptuous feast as ‘Articulate Flavours’ is released exclusively on BandCamp

Posted 4/1/19 in

There is always a bit of a buzz towards the beginning of the year within our ever expanding bass culture, with the Christmas break working as both a pallet recharger and musical inspirer, kicking the year off with a flurry of vibrant creations following the expansive range of end of year giveaways.

A label that has really hit the ground running with serious pace is none other than Articulate Sound, a very vibrant project whose expansive repertoire of genre movement and roster variation caught some serious eyes throughout 2018, putting together well received releases left, right and centre alongside artists such as Ali McK, IYZ, Retrospect, RVB and more, building an absolutely solid foundation for expansion in the process.

On the eve of NYE, the team at the label decided to launch one last present out there for their extremely responsive fan base, and what a way to cap off such an exciting year it was. We now view ‘Articulate Flavours’ with a look of wonder as the team lay down four creative originals, pulsating through the funky spectrum and beyond, providing us with exactly what we have come to expect from Articulate, that being enticing, colourful and creative bass music.

We kick off this project with a high pressure collaboration between two of the labels long standing favourites in Ali McK & IYZ. Compositionally, ‘Trenches’ packs a major gut punch of twisted percussive dithers and cinematic atmospheres, driving the carnival themes forward with some explosive energy. Next up, Nuaura return following their popular appearance earlier in the year with ‘Lost’. This one is visibly bristling with electronic energy, as it’s gritty bass tones drive the recording forward, topped with engaging patois vocal slices and airy string melodies.

Following this, Doc Zee arrives on the scene with a bag full of new school funky flavours on ‘Kick Back’. This one strips everything back to the beloved basics, with snare patterns providing a tundra of percussive power, alongside the occasional breakbeat interlude. We then finish up this very enjoyable selection with a secondary appearance from Ali McK & IYZ, who make an impressive team up with Retrospect on ‘Quentin’. This one reminds us of early Champion, with minimalistic bass patterns and shuffling drums injecting a bag of authentic energy from the off.

We managed to corner label co-owner Ali McK for a quick word, and when asked into the meaning behind The EP, he replied “We pretty much just thought we would showcase the sounds our roster will be bringing this year, those sounds being uk funky/tribal, garage & bass”. When asked about what we therefore have to look forward to from Articulate this year, he responded with ‘There’s Not too much I can say right now about the artists to look forward to, but my gosh we’ve got some big ones we’re very excited for. I can say the next release will be an EP from Rukus though, including a feature from Magugu & remixes from Daze Prism, Cardinal Sound and Myself & IYZ’.

This is a four track project we would highly recommend getting stuck into, showcasing exactly what Articulate are all about. Currently this one is exclusively available to grab via BandCamp, a link to which can be found below:

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Words: KXVU

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