We get busy with an exclusive premiere off ‘Extra Spicy’ volume 2

There is no doubting at this point that UK bass music has grown and expanded into an international sensation, as different countries around the world continue to embrace and adapt the sound into their own unique versions, with some incredible results. We hear a lot about the American and particularly West Coast scene, however, today we are heading off the other direction as we find ourselves stopping off in Sydney, Australia to take a peak at a very exciting new label project by the name of Extra Spicy.

Although only a young label in regards to their discography, the intent is clear as day that this team is very ready to continuously level up and push uk bass and garage music out across the southern hemisphere, with their first release being incredibly well recieved and all four tracks offering something unique and different to a DJ’s arsenal. Today we are here to get involved with the second drop in their compilation series as they unveil XTR002, an extended nine track selection of juicy original creations, spanning the full breadth of the bass music spectrum.

When the tracklisting for this one landed in our inbox we simply could not resist getting involved with an official premiere. Out of the tracks available, we decided to select 99 Nissan Patrol’s inclusion, with a track named ‘Get Sum’. We chose this track specifically because we feel it represents not only the expansion of bass music, but the evolution of the sound as 99 Nissan Patrol gives us a truly futuristic design. Whilst the tune is doused in well produced low-end bass manouvres and skippy drum patterns, at no point does the track feel overbearing, with those smooth pad textures and crispy midrange melodies adding something different, giving it a whole extra layer of accesibility beyond bass music alone.

You can check out our official premiere below: 

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Words: KXVU