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We feature exclusive OMNOM guest mix via 3000 Deep

Posted 8/8/19 in

As house and bass music continues to spread worldwide, we have become ever more interested in the expanding markets across the waters, especially in the US which seems to be a hotbed for new 4×4 talent in recent. years. Of course with different influences and backgrounds, we large differentiation between that and the UK sounds, but to see how they come together is always a pleasing site.

Today we here to take a look at OMNOM, a producer based out of LA who has been catching the ears and attention of a number of heavy hitters, primarily through his uniquely groovy production style and insatiable appetite for for the original and unexpected. His unique vocal aspect is something that really sets him apart from other producers in a similar area, using quirky, effected accapellas to add a whole new dimension to his already super groovy composition structures.

The best way to show what we mean is by giving you an example of his most recent release which was put together via the team at Strangelove Recordings. It’s a most interesting creation, packed with weird and wonderful bass warbles and stuttered 4×4 rhythmic structures, which we have attached for your listening pleasure below, you can purchase this track at the bottom of this article.

We are here today however to showcase his more live aspects as we head over to the 3000 Deep platform for a fantastic new guest mix, stuffed with goodies from both Strangelove, Dirtybird and more from start to finish. Featuring music from the likes of Biome, Steady Rock, Codes, Franklyn Watts and more, this is a mix we can highly recommend getting stuck into, being packed with high energy originals, wicked remixes and smooth mixing and blending from start to finish.

We have attached the mix below, via the 3000 Deep SoundCloud, enjoy:

Follow: OMNOM

Words: KXVU

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