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We drop new Killjoy premiere to celebrate today’s Low Pitched release

Posted 1/7/19 in

Today we are back to kick off your week with a very exciting new premiere as the team at Low Pitched move forward with a brand new compilation. Over the years, DJ Spookz’s Low Pitched imprint has played host to some of the most exciting up and comers and established bassline originals, constantly providing the scene with classy original releases and forward thinking musical themes.

Over the years we have seen the imprint put together releases with the likes of Mind Of A Dragon, Tengu, Daze Prism, Spooky, Pharaoh K and more very well established names. However, they have been on somewhat of a hiatus over the last 12 months, clearly biding their time and getting ready to kick start the label project again once the right release was able to be established.

That right release is the brand new self titled compilation ‘Low Pitched Vol. 1’, a perfect selection of new school creations from some of the best names in bass and funky right about now, with themes stretching from one side of the bass expanse to the other. We are greeted with a phenominal track listing, including no less than fourteen producers spread across 11 sparkling originals.

Here is the full track listing:

JOJV – Shadows
Bassravers – Dope
Ali Mck & IYZ – TB130
Fork & Knife – Way Out
Razzlerman – Rumble
Mite – Tool #7
Tyrant – Coach Clarter
Killjoy – Spring Loaded
Spookz & Sirmo – Down
Kaizen Karnak – Energis
Pl4net Dust – Gwarn

We have also got the pleasure of premiering Killjoy’s ‘Spring Loaded’, which you can now stream via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud page below:

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Words: KXVU

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