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We dive down a new funky avenue as we check out the latest drop from Disco Milk

Posted 23/3/20 in

As dance music continues to evolve as it always will do, we will continue to experience fantastic new crossovers and sub-genres being formed. We are seeing it a lot in 140bpm music, as grime, dubstep and drill continue to operate on more blurred lines, and even between garage, bassline and funky. Today however we are taking a look into to future of disco and the blends it brings forward, with a couple of unusual twists thrown in for good measure.

The label we are taking a closer look at today is none other than Disco Milk, an imprint focused on showcasing the best in new disco music and whatever direction that takes. Obviously, the golden era of analogue disco is way in the past, so with this new project we are seeing the future laid out in front of us.

Their recent releases have done nothing but improve in quality, with their latest drop from in-house front man: Super Paolo continuing that trend.

This brand new release sees him unleash a brand new selection of funkadelic elements and unorthodox production methods on his brand as we dive into ‘Cosmic Trip‘. The name says it all with this one as we are embraced by wave upon wave of retro synthesizer, coupled with punchy drum inputs and shuffling rhythms, finding the perfect balance between old and new as subtle bass slaps pulsate away below the rest of the composition. It’s different and it’s brave, but my word does he pull it off.

The premiere was recently featured on Data Transmission‘s super popular Disco Infiltrators channel, the upload of which we have attached below for your listening pleasure. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Disco Milk crew as they continue to explore the futuristic realms of modern disco music and whatever new avenues it may unlock.

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Words: KXVU

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