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We delve into the latest offering from On1 with his new ‘Signal’ EP

Posted 26/9/19 in

It’s safe to say that UKG is well and truly back, be it within the more chart topping sounds of Conducta and AJ of on a more ground based level, we are most certainly transitioning between re-emergence and dominance. A healthy underground is essential to maintaining a genre’s more mainstream consistency, as the inspirational rungs of the public facing artists, in all honesty tend to be drawn from the more niche areas. 

We are here to celebrate that underground scene, which has witnessed an eruption in new labels emerging and more established projects returning, from the flat out rampage of Four40 this year to the re-emergence of both Slime and Strictly Flava, there’s plenty of 2-steppinh fun for the whole family.

One artist we have noticed really chisel out his own unique avenue within the UKG scene is On1, a producer notable for his uniquely darkened take on modern garage themes, focusing more-so upon broken beats and eerie atmospheric soundscapes rather than your more typical, plucky chord progressions. This latest EP is a perfect showcase of his sound, so let’s dive into it! 

We firstly take a look at the title track ‘Signal’, which works together old school, grime synthesizer patterns with gnarly bass warbles and some super clicky drum manoeuvres to come up with something magnificent. 

On the flip side we then encounter ‘Aversion’, an original laced with chiming percussive taps and smooth, bulging sub pressures and a touch of the unknown. This one combines mystic background atmosphere with groovy drum switches, making this one a must have for the night drive playlist.

This project is a great representation of somebody getting involved with the garage sound, but most certainly not riding a wave, more-so creating their own within the sound that has stormed through the summer. 

We have attached a link to the EP for you to view for yourselves below:

Follow: On1

Words: KXVU

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