We have been absolutely loving the new wave of heavyweight garage flavours emerging out of the UK since the start of lockdown, but it’s safe to say that the garage sound isn’t just a UK situation anymore, as the sound continues to expand and spread across the full breadth of Europe and North America. Today, we will be heading over to the centre of Europe as we take a closer look at the latest offering from Berlin-based label: +98, a project who have been receiving a lot of positive feedback following a solid run of releases exploring the deeper, more broken-beat side of the garage sound.


As an international label representing a very UK-centric sound, it’s always pleasing to hear when producers and DJs just get it, you know, the subtle intricacies and unique textures that are usually absorbed through cultural influences as much as the studying of tunes, a theme that the +98 team are able to hold their heads high with. They have supplied us with a very
tasty three track display across their latest release from L&F, again doing their utmost to explore the full range of the garage sound in all its 2021-inspired majesty.

L&F - D.I.L EP
L&F – D.I.L EP

First up on the menu, we dive into the sounds of ‘D.I.L,’ a seriously murky roller which threads together sumptuous sub-bass action, laced with haunted vocal slices on top to deliver a proper dungeon-esc feel. Next, ‘Between Worlds’ arrives with a moogy bounce, giving us a more techno-inspired design laced with bulbous bass pulses and skippy drum textures, again
showcasing some real finesse in production style. The energy levels then increase dramatically as we move towards ‘All Night’, a choppy sizzler, focussing on 4×4 drum rolls and a sweeping, filtered bass line that drives the track forward for a stylish closer.
Across these three tracks we are engulfed with quality and technical skill, yet not without emotive energy and creativity being there for all to see. You can check out the full project below:

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