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We check out Taiki Nulight’s latest Insomniac Drop

Posted 12/9/19 in

It’s safe to say that the last 3 years or so have seen the absolute height of bass music around the world, with UK Bassline’s revival prompting a massive rise in worldwide interest for bass heavy goodness. In this time we have seen a tonne of artists rise to nationwide and worldwide popularity, but we have to take a second to look at those who have been doing this since before the bass explosion of 2016. 

Down on the sleepy yet lively coast of Brighton, dwells Taiki Nulight, a producer who’s name has been attached to the forefront of UK dance music since way before then, holding down timeless collaborations with the likes of My Nu Leng during Black Butter’s rise to dominance in 2013.

We have seen him move with the times with a serious level of finesse, dipping between carnival flavours in the early days to darker bass themes as the scene evolved, now finding himself located at a comfortable niche between bass and tech. 

This latest ‘Outlander’ EP on Insomniac Records is an excellent demonstration of Taiki’s sound as it currently sits, which is why we couldn’t resist taking a little nibble into here at threethousand.co.uk. Firstly we come across the bubbling percussive slaps and lively rhythmic progressions of ‘Donnie Yen’, a track we can hear tearing up dances around the country with its lethal, raspy bass drop and crunchy sound design.

Following this we hear Taiki switch up the themes a tad, taking a more stripped back electronic approach to the next track ‘Want 2 Know’, this time focusing on sharper, more pronounced drum sounds and glitchy, tech-inspired melodic structures.

Finally, we jump into what we believe to be the strongest track of the three as Sophiegrophy gets involved with some super catchy guest vocal work, combining the best parts of both previous tracks to land us something very tasty indeed, with this one looking like a lethal weapon to deploy in any dance.

Seeing Taiki’s constant progression and exceptional work rate over the years is always pleasing and we feel this latest EP is the perfect way for him to begin the run up to 2020, inside which we believe he have a bag of top quality releases.

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Words: KXVU


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