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We chat with Wittyboy about new release ‘Selecta’ & his Lockdown experience

Posted 5/6/20 in

As it slowly becomes apparent that our current lockdown situation is not just a flash in the pan and that it maybe some time before we all see the light at the end of the tunnel or even the familiar strobe at our favourite nightclub or festival, one thing we can definitely find comfort in is that there is no shortage of quality UK Bass releases coming out of the woodwork to keep us all entertained!

One such artist who has been making good use of his extra time is Wittyboy, who has just unleashed a his brand new belter entitled ‘Selecta‘.



If you know anything about the UK Bass scene, chances are you’ve come across the name Wittyboy before and have likely heard countless DJs dropping his releases such as ‘Mum’s Yard’ or the infamous, ‘Narcos’.
This time Wittyboy returns with a self-released project via his own label WittyBoy Music, with support from the likes of Holy Goof, who dropped the track on several mixes including a b2b with Notion via BBC Sounds, the track has been highly anticipated for some time!

As for the track itself, its composed of a selection of powerful drums and bass sounds, as well as a smooth vocal and a handful of atmospheric synths and risers. The piece has a great driving rhythm, guaranteed to get you moving.

Wittyboy – Selecta

A long atmospheric build up has become synonymous with Wittyboy’s tracks and ‘Selecta’ is no different. After the initial introduction the drums thin out and make space for a soulful vocal as well as some atmospheric synth sounds, creating an air of suspense leading up to the drop. The sound design of the pre-drop is beautiful, with carefully panned sounds dipping in and out of the mix providing a dreamy feel to the piece. Once we reach the drop, there is an amazing contrast between the two sections, the track
completely transforms into a dance anthem.

The lead bass kicks in and the piece takes off, making it impossible to keep still while it plays. It’s the perfect example of a UK Bass drop; a simple yet effective melody, easy to sing along to, a powerful, driving bass tone that isn’t too harsh or too soft.
The bass fits comfortably within the mix without over powering the other melodic and rhythmic elements that keep the piece fresh and exciting throughout.



We were lucky enough to catch up with Wittyboy for a quick chat, this is how it went down:

Have you found lockdown to be a good or bad thing for your production process?

I have personally found it a good thing, as free time is something I rarely have so the lockdown has enabled me to finish more tracks.

What is the first thing you will do when this is all over?

Get on a plane and head to the most exotic location I can find
What would you say the biggest change in your sound has been over the last few years?
I have definitely experimented more with the Bass House sound and worked on slower tempo stuff. My technical ability has advanced loads over the last two years and I have a better understanding of sound design.
With this release, how long has it been in the works?
Funnily enough, I made this tune ages ago but wasn’t too sure if I liked it. It was actually NuBass who convinced me to release it (Bigup Nubass).


Which artists have you been feeling recently?
Bushbaby has been ridiculously consistent in the last few years. I don’t think he’s made a tune I haven’t liked to be honest. Shoutout to MPH too! He’s been doing bits!


What else is on the way from you?

Currently working on my debut album which is getting there slowly! I don’t want to put a timescale on completion yet but it will probably surprise a lot of people with the styles of music I’ve been making.

Listen to ‘Selecta’ below:


Wittyboy · Selecta


For more from Wittyboy, please go to:



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