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We chat to Gemmy about a brand new premiere, ahead of his new EP launch

Posted 19/8/19 in
Well well, as we continue our delving into 140BPM based music, we have had the absolute pleasure of stumbling upon this latest project from Gemmy, a producer who is held in seriously high regard within both the dubstep and grime communities, primarily for his fantastic work showcasing the “Purple” sound.
Over the years we have seen the Bristolian dub master move around the 140 bracket with serious finesse, often dipping between super melodic compositions and more gnarly, LFO driven rollers, constantly reminding us of just how important he is to the scene.
We were therefore thrilled of course to see that he had a brand new project in the works, updating his sound to sit perfectly amidst the ever expanding repertoire of new school grime and dubstep releases, although it’s hard to believe there would have ever of been any other outcome.
The EP itself goes by the name of ‘Return To Venus’ and focuses on Gemmy’s sound as a whole, from the smooth, stunning soundscaping of the introductory track ‘Mandla’, moving into the choppy drum structures and warbling bass instrumentation of ‘Lypha’. This is then followed in style by ‘Indigo’ with it’s colourful harmonies intertwined with lethal bass instruments in a real balance of precision.
We have had the lucky opportunity to get involved in the promotional campaign for this release with an exclusive 3000 Blog premiere of the fourth and final track ‘Night Glow’, a stunning piece of purple composition. The introduction itself boasts uplifting choir structures, shimmering jazzy lead synths and more, before leap into super sub-heavy breakdown, packed with hard hitting bass designs and a continuously expanding background structure. You can check out our official premiere below:

We also had the great pleasure of sitting down with the man himself for a chat about his music career in general, which you can check out below:

First of all how has everything been for you musically over the last year?
It’s been great. I really feel like I’ve grown musically. Also I’ve been more experimental with the music I make.
What have you been up to other than the EP? 
I’ve been making more slower tempo stuff. I’ve also been dabbling a bit in graphic design. Just finding different ways to express my creativity.
As a veteran of the 140BPM based music, how do you feel about the scene?
I think the scene is healthy at the moment. There’s a lot of great music out there. People are very passionate about it. It has all the fundamental factors to see it thrive. We do need more music venues though
Does this EP represent where you are musically right now? 
Yeah, I definitely think so. I believe it’s a great body of work which captures a certain vibe.
I think I’ve upped myself in certain areas to be able to make it. It includes inspiration from the music I’ve been listening to lately.
Which is your favourite track on there? 
I enjoy them all for individual reasons. If I had to choose one I would say ‘Night Glow’. I think it has emotion, dynamics and vibe. I would say it’s probably the most effective track in the EP.
Who are you feeling producer and MC wise at the moment?
Mcs at the moment, I really like EMZ and Jammz. Producer wise, I’ve been liking Alfa Mist, Lemzy dale and filthy gears and Jae 5.
What is next for yourself?
More projects, possibly more collaborations. I just wanna put out more great music, no matter what style or genre it is

Any other shouts?
To all that have helped and contributed to the new EP, Return to Venus. Directly and indirectly. Also to Bristol, which is making a lot of power moves right now.

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Words: KXVU

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