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We catch up with Mikey B following a brand new Forca collaboration and music video

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Today we are heading up the road to Leeds as we decide to take a peek at the latest drop from heavy 4×4 producer and DJ Mikey B, a name which needs little introduction, having been one of the most consistent names working in and around the bassline scene in the north for quite a substantial period of time.

He gets back in the studio doing what he does best here with a brand new single in collaboration with the ever-ready Forca for what we believe to be a late landing summer smash. The track itself is everything you would expect from a collaboration of this calibre, as Mikey B goes to town with some exciting rhythmic manoeuvres and really original bass grooves on the compositional side of things.

However, it’s the fantastic vocal presence of Forca that really pushes this original to the next level as he arrives on the scene with a perfectly weighted toast, accompanying the introduction and supplying some additional build up energy, leading towards a drop absolutely festering with power.

You can check out the official video for the track below:

We were lucky enough to catch up with Mikey B for a quick chat about the track and working with vocalists in general:

Firstly, how long has this one been in the works?

This tune has been in the works since March last year. It’s been a long time coming – we originally played it at Outlook in 2018 but we weren’t happy with how it sounded, so we went back to the drawing board and because we spent a lot of time making it we wanted to give the tune justice, hence why we decided to drop a video with it. Luckily I knew a talented videographer in Leeds, called Chris Bromley, who helped bring my video idea to life. We’re gassed to have it out there now!

Did you sit down in the studio together or was it a project back and forth over the internet? 

We started the tune together at Plot 22 in Sheffield, which is a sick space that we’re lucky to be able to use. Nothing was done over the internet for this tune, it was all done at the studio.

Do you find working with an artist like Forca comes very naturally to you?

Me and Forca had DJ’ed and performed together at a few events before starting this tune so it felt natural that we work together as a producer and MC combo. We click really well together outside of music so making a tune together was exciting to do.

How important is the right vocal?

100% important! Forca is a mad talented MC and as soon as he got in the booth we could feel the tune was gonna turn out sick. Forca’s real talented at creating material on the spot which is a very good skill to have, and helps in the overall process.

Is this the sound you are looking to really push this year?

I definitely wanna put my stamp on the bass music scene. I’m a big advocate for original music, so I’m also working with a lot more artists and experimenting in other genres too.

What else do you have on the horizon?

This tune has given me hunger to put out more music videos, it was fun, rewarding, but also a learning process. I’ve got a few bass singles on my label and one EP on a renowned label due to come out before the end of this year, which I’m looking forward to. I’m also looking to explore further other styles like garage and drum and bass as well.

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