We catch up with Earthnut following their delicious new drop on Slime

While at threethousand.co.uk we’re always hunting for new talent, we welcome back previous names with open arms with a keen eye for their evolution. Earthnut are a name that has been on our radar over recent years, with their raunchy releases tearing up the UKG scene all over the country. The Bristol duo return once again with Protosynthesis, adding an experimental touch to 3 spicy heaters on Slime Recordings.

Opening with a bold move of sampling news coverage from the Bristol protests earlier this year, Earthnut spin this into a tasty roller by the name of Hollow Man. Going against its own title, this track is anything but hollow with a stack of juicy synths showing the heart and soul of what UKG has to offer. An airy opener that’s hard not to move to, Hollow Man uses vocal stabs as accents to offset the silky production evolving into a haunting earworm throughout.

Taking a more melancholic turn with Knucklethumper’s somber melodies, this twitchy floorfiller ups the tempo quickly with a jittering synth sequence and some left-field samples signature to Earthnut’s releases. Knucklethumper lifts classic 2-stepper rhythms to a fresh new tune with a perfectionist touch – as the lyrics themselves quote, this really is music that will bump for a thousand years. 

Gunker swings the EP into more experimental territory, bringing Burial-inspired production into the present day with the most mechanical sonic journey of the bunch. A hearty build-up feeds into a smooth and stripped back switch-up here, allowing for lush synth pads to shine through, hinting at what the future of garage may hold. Twitching and distorting into new patterns as it progresses, this track keeps excitement bubbling right to its very close.

With a busy year behind them and seemingly endless tracks to show the world, we managed to catch the Earthnut lads for a quick chat about Protosynthesis, their future plans and what they love right now:

Some of the samples here stem from the protests in Bristol – how did the protests inspire your writing?

The EP’s first track, hollow man was written after attending the Black Lives Matter protests in Bristol. Seeing the Colston statue pulled down felt like a really poignant and poetic point in Bristols history. It left a big impression on us and we wanted to write a track inspired by that moment, which led to a wave of colonial statues being toppled world wide.

The tracks name was inspired by the Vanessa Kisuule poem ‘hollow’ (also written as a response to that day) go check it out!

Aside from this EP, how have you guys been keeping busy in the current state of the world?

It’s definitely been a strange year, we’ve tried to keep as many projects going, despite the lack of events, which is a huge source of inspiration and drive usually… it’s been great to see the love and solidarity in the industry, and the amount of quality music that has been released over the last 6 months too! When we haven’t been delving into our DAWs and drum machines we have either been playing unproductive amounts World of Warcraft or playing loud 3 hour techno sets to the cat.

For those that havent heard it yet, what 3 words would you use to describe Protosynthesis?




What’s the key to producing a good track for you?

Have a vision for the sound you are trying to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Often the best ideas grow out of mistakes.

Lots of dub siren.

Knowing what you know now about music and production, would you go back and do anything differently over the years?

Spend less money on weed and more money on analog gear.

What tracks have you been loving recently?

Really been digging Guau-Feel It (intro mix) that’s one that will make the dance floor go sideways when clubs reopen!

Tenshu- Stones Throw is also another recent UKG favourite.

We’ve also been loving Aloka- View Source for some high energy electro flava’s.

You’ve been smashing it in garage, and recently even techno with your last EP Longform – what’s next for Earthnut?

We’ve been working on some 160 Juke/Footwork inspired stuff recently, and are still building our hardware based live set for when the clubs eventually reopen in the hopefully not too distant future! We would also love to take the Earthnut sound around the world in 2021 and are planning a potential trip to Japan, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Words: Julia Bernat