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We catch up with 9TRANE to celebrate his brand new Punks release

Posted 16/8/19 in

Over the last few years we have seen the legendary Punks imprint swarm and rush to the front of the bass scene within the UK and beyond, as they continue to pioneer and champion the space between space and breaks. We have seen them put together one of the most exciting artist rosters currently active and they have just added to it again as they bring forward 9TRANE for an inevitably storming single.

Known for his unique ability to make any genre sound as cool as heck, 9TRANE has gained quite the reputation for being the man of many sounds, moving seamlessly between grime, bass, funky and breaks. There really are few who are able to traverse such a wide landscape of audio with such instant impact and pure finesse.

This latest single see’s him team up with the untouchable vocal distinction of Dread MC, a voice who seems to be literally everywhere at the minute, laying down lines that sit everywhere between loud and rowdy and calm and collected. He sits perfectly over this breaks infused masterpiece from 9TRANE entitled ‘Trippy’, which weaves between thumping sub tones and expertly sliced blippy synth samples, giving the track such an edge of professionalism from start to finish.

We have been lucky enough to get involved with the release campaign for this one, as Punks have given us the great honour of hosting the premiere on the official 3000 Blog SoundCloud page, the link to which we have attached below for your listening pleasure:

In the midst of all of this excitement, we were also lucky to grab 20 minutes with 9TRANE to chat to him specifically about the release, which we have transcribed and attached for you below:

So, if been a while since we last spoke, how have you been keeping firstly?

Yo! Been keeping well mate, just trying to make as much music as possible with the little free time that I have!

Where would you say your focus is genre wise at the moment

I feel extremely focused towards my Leftfield Bass stuff. These projects always include influences from Grime, Garage, Techno and Dubstep which is why I find it so fun to make. It’s the type of sound I grew up listening to; Tessela, Joy O, Addison Groove, Boddika, Paleman, Pearson Sound etc so It feels nice to be putting my own stamp on it.

How did this new single come together, what was the inspiration behind it?

I made the tune once I wrapped up the A-Side of the EP which features an incredible vocal from Dread Mc. I knew it had to compliment that without being too complex yet I still wanted it to be a ‘club tune’. It’s definitely got a lot of techno influence and I enjoyed making it quite percussion heavy as this is an aspect i’ve always loved in tunes.

What was it like working with Punks?

Working with Punks has been amazing. I was listening to Stanton Warriors when I first got into Bass Music many years back so it’s a very surreal feeling to be releasing with them. The 15 year old me would of never believed it, especially with the Dread vocal!

Who are you feeling at the moment?

Been trying to dig for as much music as possible lately so i’ll drop a few names quick – Walton, Biome, Movement, Eyez & Sleepa, Audio Gutter, Fork & Knife, Heritage, Lamont, Cartridge…the list goes on!

What’s the aim for the end of 2019?

I’ve got a couple of nice projects lined up which i’m very excited about, these will hopefully  move me in the right direction to get more bookings in which I can showcase my sound!

Do you still enjoy moving around different genres regularly?

Not as much as I used to! I try to keep everything within the dark bass 126 – 130 stuff with a bit of 140 Dubstep thrown in. Saying that I have just finished up two UKG tunes for a vinyl only release so keep an eye out for that!

Any other shout outs?

I’ll drop a quick few names of people i’ve worked with or are currently working with –

Punks, Dissident Sound, 1Forty, Southpoint, Dread Mc, Ferguson, J Kong, Shantie, Hayz, Eyez & Sleepa, Massappeals, Ali Mck & IYZ and lots lots more…~

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