As venues around the country begin to open up to the public once again, it’s safe to say that there is a serious buzz beginning to re-emerge across the UK underground. There are an uncountable number of event companies who, over the lockdown period specifically, made the decision to refocus their energy into label projects, meaning that we have been absolutely blessed with a super-consistent stream of bass and garage releases, regardless of the clubs being open or not. One label we identified as making the most of the situation early on with Leicester’s Beastwang / Wang Records imprint, who have in our eyes, gone on to become one of the leading garage entities in the UK during this time-frame.

With the clubs now reopening however, you can definitely sense a shift in the sound that brands like Wang Records are likely to be pushing, with this latest release being designed to turn dances into absolute ruckuses as they introduce us to the fantastic collaborative flavours of both the enigmatic NuBass & the wonderful Charlotte Meldrum. With a catalogue as consistent as the Wang team have been putting together, we expected nothing less!

The track itself is a wicked link up, which sees NuBass explore an interesting hybrid of garage and UK bass themes, adding just the right amount of bass-driven madness a-top a bad of intricate drum grooves and lively melodic influxes, which then gives Charlotte the perfect bass-camp from which to push the tune to the next level. Those vocals follow a much more garage-influenced approach, gently caressing the lively drum skips and vibrant bass manoeuvres below with an electronic shine, giving the track the humanizing feel that allows it to bury itself in our eardrums.

You can check out this fabulous new single via the link below, kindly supplied by our good friends over at JunoDownload

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