It’s always interesting exploring the numerous different avenues of Vital Techniques, who over the last few years have really established themselves as frontrunners of the vibrant Leeds musical community. For those who have just been listening to sound, The Techniques boys have been putting in some serious work, releasing a tonne of new garage and bass music and always being keen to push the boundaries of sound into new and exciting areas. From a label perspective, Second To None has always been an interesting one to watch, pushing a bag of different artists from around the country, but also playing host the vast majority of Vital Techniques’ own catalogue.

Today we see themc ontinue their exploration into numerous different avenues, as they arrive at the entrance to 140 street, bringing together an explosive new collaboration with MC Pean. Now over the many years these two entities have been collaborating, we have seen a number of fabulous link ups, including a solid run of radio appearances together on LDC, showcasing a wide variety of different musical flavours and keeping their listeners highly entertained. As we mentioned above, this collaboration is one of the more hype inducing original we have seen from this link up, jam-packed with original grimey energy.

When we dive into the track itself, it’s clear to see there a serious amount of chemistry on display, with Vital Techniques providing a serious instrumental structure, linking together Asian-influenced string plucks with gnarly horn stabs and system-busting kick pulses to provide Pean with the perfect backdrop. From here, we are then introduced to the extremely skippy vocal flows of Pean’s apperance, who absolutely slays this one with a venom-tipped pen stroke and masterful delivery. They have gone one step further with this one and delivered a sizzling music video, which you can check out via the embedded link below:

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