The best bit about exploring bass music around the country is discovering pockets of creativity in different provinces on our travels. The UK has long been seen as an electronic music hub worldwide and today we are going to be taking a look at one of Leeds City’s top production outfits. Now on a personal note, I’ve been following these guys since I was 17 years old, which seems a lifetime ago, but in that time they have seemingly never faltered on their musical journey, which at the very least needs to be respected from a consistency standpoint.

We are of course discussing the wonderful Vital Techniques, a duo that continues to impress in whichever field they find themselves producing within, heading up a solid release catalogue on their home imprint of Second To None. For today’s closer inspection, we are going to be exploring their latest release as they continue their extremely popular ‘Vital Vibes’ series. The first edition of this was widely classified as their strongest release to date, an achievement that we honestly believe has been topped with this tidy second edition.

We open up with the sounds of ‘First Time’, a perfect example of the Vital Techniques boys showcasing their ability to cater to a much more mainstream audience, utilizing tidy vocal lines and groovy bass tones for a classy singalong. This is then followed by ‘Back In The Day’, a nostalgic shackout, fusing groovy horn riffs and big room vocal lines with wicked results, leading perfectly into the super choppy drum slices and euphoric synthesizer slides of ‘Never Be The Same’. 

We then jump into what is probably the most dancefloor-orientated track as ‘Pull Up & Play Back’ combines auto-tuned patois vocal lines with gritty LFO dips and funky-style drums for a serious system bounce, followed closely by the uplifting melodic twists and hardcore sounding piano riffs of ‘Positive Thinking’. Finally, ‘Can’t Trust’ deploys a bulbous 4×4 foundation, again utilizing catchy autotuned vocals and catchy chord riffs to round off a wicked body of work.

This is definitely a step up for the Yorkshire duo, which you can check out below via our friends over at JunoDownload. 

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