One of the things we absolutely love about covering so many different areas of underground dance music here in the UK, is being explore the different pockets of communities and strongholds which pop up in different towns and cities around the country. There are the obvious outposts, such as Bristol, London, Sheffield, Manchester and Brighton, but when we start to look a bit deeper we find some incredibly interesting scenes pumping out top quality originals on a pretty regular basis.

Today we are going to be looking into the founders of Second To None and one of the most consistent pairings across the scene. Vital Techniques, who have been on a serious streak so far this year. It surprises us that more noise isn’t being made about the Leeds based duo, who seem to have found the perfect balance between underground originality and commercially viable garage music in recent months, with their previous drop ‘Judging Me’, being a perfect example of that. It’s somewhat of a mystery to us! We are here today however to look forward into their latest drop via their home imprint, which is a certified party starter to say the least!

As we jump directly into this brand new single, which takes the title ‘Don’t Want You Anymore’, we are able to hear so many of Vital Techniques different array of influences over the years, covering both the melodic, singlong UKG styles and the more synth-lead approach of modern Bassline. This one is a perfect fusion, linking together a chilling vocal lead that just hits differently, with powerful bass designs with some real harmonic prowess. Despite it’s hard hitting nature, this tune is applicable in so many different places, which is why we simply had to get involved with a feature!

You can check out the full track via our good friends over at JunoDownload below: 

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