Kilner new alias VARKiD lands new 3000 Bass single and we find out all about it

We are very excited for this one as we return to the 3000 Bass platform for yet another fantastic introduction as Brent Kilner unveils his brand new alias: VARKiD, taking a much more stripped back approach to 4×4 music, kicking us off with this absolute scorcher. 

Taking the track title ‘U Know’, we are greeted by a wash of super colourful harmonic instrumentation and vibrant, 2 stepping drum designs, this one is a real party starter for certain. It packs a different type of punch and we can’t wait to see where this alias will go over time!

To find out a little more, we sent KXVU out to grab a few words with the man himself, looking into the reasons behind the switch up in alias, alongside finding out just what was in store for the future!

So first of all, how are you finding lockdown?

It’s alright i suppose, this is the most time I’ve had spare to make tracks in a long time due to family commitments and work etc. I’m trying to see the positives the situation is giving me.

What is the thing that inspires you the most?

I think the biggest inspiration for this new Alias is the music I listened to through school, the stuff that got me into making electronic music. I want my new stuff to give a head nod to the older style of bass music speed garage/original dubstep/drum and bass etc.

Within the modern era of bass music, you are one of the more veteran names involved, just how long have you been producing for at this point?

I reckon its coming up on 10 years now. I never really took is seriously for the first 4-5 years. It was purely a hobby. I made tunes to show my mates and play on my car Sound system. Never had any intentions of getting booked or having tracks signed etc.

If you could choose one track to summarise your sound what would it be?

I wouldn’t want to pin VARKiD down to one track as I’m wanting to push this as a multi genre alias. Anything bass heavy with an old school vibe is a decent way of summarising it.

Lets talk 2019 as a year, what happened music wise for you?

To be honest, music has took a bit of a back seat. I’ve been struggling to get back into it. I felt people had a certain expectancy for my Kilner stuff and all i wanted to do was just have the freedom to make whatever i felt like at the time.
This is where i decided on the new alias, or second alias i should say.

So we now move into a new decade, whats the big plan?

I’m still going to be tunes under Kilner but I feel like the whole new school bassline thing has ran its course no and until i decide on a new direction for ‘Kilner’ ill be working on my new stuff as VARKiD.

Talk to me about VARKiD

Basically i just wanted an alias with zero restrictions when it comes to sound and style, zero socials and online presence. I just want to make the music i feel like making and upload it. The goal isn’t to ‘make it’ with this alias, its purely a musical outlet for me to share with others.

How did this new single come together?

I took a lot of inspiration from speed garage with this one. wanted something upbeat and summery with the weather slowly improving.

What else is in the pipeline?

I’ve got a fair few projects on the go at the minute, a new nice 08 electro inspired house tunes for summer releases. Although I’ve only released housey stuff so far, I’ve also got a load of different genres on the go including stuff like a Caspa inspired old school dubstep style track, a dubstep collab with Pelikann as well as a remix of his tune ‘enzyme’.

You can check out the track itself below:

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Words: KXVU