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Underground Traffic – Shiv [Saucy Records]

Posted 8/9/18 in

The mighty Saucy make their return to free releases here with an absolute corker from the likes of Underground Traffic. There is a major trend within bass music at the moment when it comes to sound design and being as creative as possible, and we can’t get enough of it here at 3000. This brand new track entitled ‘Shiv’ is the epitome of forward thinking bass music, as a minimalist introduction descends into growling reesey madness come the breakdown. We are given a truly original compositional idea as the dripping bass tones triplet away above subtle 4×4 rhythms and exciting percussive hits, giving us some unpredictable grooves and techy tear outs.

Excellent stuff from Underground Traffic on this one and as we said above it is available for free download now via the player below!

You can follow Saucy here:


Words: KXVU


Click here for free download

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