The team at Southpoint, despite the launch of a new festival stage and a seriously impressive run of releases so far this year, have continued to push new music forward, including exciting singles left right and centre. As an imprint, Southpoint has always championed the concept of multi-genre releases, always attempting to fuse different sounds and styles together within their ever-weaving tapestry of catalogue, giving birth to some very colourful collaborations and some even more interesting remix designs. Today we are going to be diving into the more breaks-driven side of their schedule, with a very unique collaboration to say the least.

We see a very enthusiastic combination of artists getting involved with this one, as Southpoint’s own TVU links up with Spanish wonderkid Overpeak for a very high energy link up. TVU as an artist is is someone that has now released numerous times on the STPT imprint, exploring some beautiful soundscapes and colourful harmonic arrangements, whilst Overpeak’s unique approach to breaks being doused in power and explosive sub-textures which has given him quite a buzz in and around the Spanish breaks scene, making this a very enjoyable collaboration for us to sink our teeth into.

The track itself takes the title ‘Spectrum’ and works together a wonderful combination of the pairs unique styles, combining acidic jitters and delicate yet precise drum punches with sweeping subs and an overall nostalgic feel to create a seriously cool recipe. It’s quite rare that we hear a track with this many individual elements going on that doesn’t sound crowded, with the overall arrangement of this one having just enough space for everything to participate cleanly. It’s another potent drop from the Southpoint team, who are once again at the forefront of sonic innovation, welcoming another corker into their already stacked catalogue.

You can check out the ful track via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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