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Tuff Culture links up with Four40 for the sixth edition of the ‘Elements’ series

Posted 19/5/20 in

Guess what, more bloody garage? You’re goddamn right we’ve got more garage for you because the simple truth is we simply can’t get enough of it. The scene is looking incredibly healthy, and it’s something that we are extremely proud to gaze upon, with UKG, in our humble opinion, being arguably the most influential and timeless musical output the country has ever produced.

We are returning today to take a peek at one of the scene’s truly veteran imprints, as the ever-consistent Four40 Records unleashing yet another outstanding selection for the catalogue, containing their outstanding run of EP’s and singles across the past two years. This time around, they welcome the elite production skill set of Tuff Culture for the sixth official edition of the ‘Elements’ series, a producer whose stock continues to rise alongside the growth of garage as a whole.

We begin our journey into this one with the luscious vocal designs and simple yet extremely effective basslines of ‘Away’, which is then  closely followed by the upbeat arrangements and intricate, break-inspired drum designs of the potent ‘Babylon’. We then continue the good vibes with a slip into ‘Letters’, a fantastic collaboration with Sampladelic focusing on yet more displays of rhythmic excellence, before switching the feeling up quick time with the potent sub textures and energetic percussive influxes of ‘Polarity’ 

The project then says it’s goodbyes on ‘Subtraction’, a rapid fire chop-filled final showdown, which finds itself switching between an exciting array of colourful vocal inputs and yet more well designed drum rhythms, all above one serious powerful sub unit. The project is a fantastic representation of the consistency and quality we have come to expect from both Tuff Culture and Four40, which is why we simply had to have our say on it. 

You can check out the full release below:



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Words: KXVU

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  • I was lucky enough to have this on promo, rinsed it week in and week out on shows in New Zealand and the UK including playing the whole album the day before release, absolute quality every collection should this in it.

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