Tuff Culture lands on Nuvolve with a weighty new garage chop!

The garage wave is looking as sturdy as ever as we continue to delve into 2021 with some serious speed. It is pretty crazy when you take a second to peep just how strong the movement has become, especially when the you take in the amount of different label projects and platforms that are now steering the way for the future. Today we are going to be taking another look at DJ EZ’s Nuvolve imprint, who seem keen to continue pushing their way to the top of the tree with more explosive releases than we can count in recent times.

The next project we saw them drop on Friday was a brand new single from one of the most consistent and yet undersung faces in UKG: Tuff Culture. As far as catalogue goes, this guy has been on a serious role, launching original creations on the likes of Garage Shared, GS Dubs and Chimpizm Records to name a few. This consistency in his sound is something truly enjoyable to hardcore UKG fans and garage listeners, with his compositional style often tredding the perfect line between nostalgic recreation and new school arrangement. In our opinion, this is the golden pocket for garage music in 2020.

This brand new single entitled ‘Another Night’ seems to fit pretty perfectly into that category, which we couldn’t be more excited to take in. From the off weare greeted by some colourful synth work and high energy drum rhythms, throwing us back into the rave, within our minds at least. We then hear the vibrant combination of subs and percussion that move into the centre of the tune as we hit the breakdown, conjuring up sunshine flavours throughout. It’s a hard hitting single and a perfect additions to the Nuvolve discography!

You can check out the full track via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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