As always with us here at The 3000 Network, we make a massive effort to stay up to date with all of our favourite bass and garage artists around the globe, hoping to keep this platform as an organized catalogue of information surrounding their releases and musical projects in general. Garage as a sound has made a spectacular start to 2022, with nearly all of 2021’s high flyers making to quality starts with a string of very exciting releases, supported by the fantastic array of labels and imprints we have been able to establish within the scene over the last two years of it’s return to populairty.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the latest release from one of those favourites as we witness the first 2022 drop from Tuff Culture, an artist who we have so much time for here at 3000 HQ. We actually featured on Tuff Culture on our Top 10 Garage Producers list for 2021, primarily down to a seriously high output combined with consistent quality showing with every release we saw. Today we are getting back into the action as we see him make a very exciting stop at Chimpizm, delivering a sizzling new single which serves as the perfect way to kick start the new year.

This time around we get to see Tuff Culture explore a much more experimental side of his character as we are engulfed within a bulbous display of organic break slides and dizzying atmospheric pressures, all laced together with dubwise chord delays and a constantly shifting rhythmic arrangement. When you then couple this with the sliding moogy basslines and marching dub horns of each breakdown, you are in for a serious treat, with this one easily making it’s way up the list of our favourite drops of the year so far.

You can check out the full single via the link below, supplied by our good friends over at JunoDownload

Foillow: Tuff Culture
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