We love to keep an eye on the many different goings on within the extended UK underground dance music scene, keeping notes on the more creative and expansive labels to grace the landscape with their forward thinking release structures and branding. One of these that we have pushing a lot of recent material is of course Time Is Now, a fabulous subsidiary of the Shall Not Fade imprint, which over the years has rightly earned a pretty legendary reputation for their mould-breaking catalogue. Today we are checking out release number 22 from the Time Is Now project, which most certainly seems to hit home with a mighty bang.

Large segments of their catalogue do a fantastic job of fusing organic sounding production designs with futuristic garage themes, which we can safely say is an ideal they have continued with this fabulous new drop from Soul Mass Transit System. We have seen numerous drops from D Jason & Baby J on the parent imprint of Shall Not Fade, but this selection allows them to really dive into the deep and darker depths of UKG, exploring both the new school and the nostalgic across four blissful soundscapes.

We begin our exploration into this one with a look at the fabulously industrial yet well rounded drums of ‘Give It 2 U’, fusing some fabulous atmospheric pressure and subtle harmonics to give us a killer intro. Next,My Name Is Down’ takes a much more delicate approach, focussing in on more specific broken-beat inspired rhythmic flicks and powerful bass glides below for something a little more subtle. From here, the title track ‘Trubble N Strife’ sees us take in a combination of junglist-driven breakbeats and powerful 808 drones for a euphoric look in the roots of drum & bass. Finally, we jump into some oldschool breakbeat action on ‘U Got Me Burnin’, which sees a combined rush of shuffling drum breaks and hardcore piano riffs play a lead role in winding down the EP for a killer finale. 

You can check out all four tracks from the release thanks to our friends over at JunoDownload via the link below: 

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