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Tim Klein arrives on an exclusive 3000 Network premiere to celebrate 100 releases from House Of Hustle.

Posted 24/8/20 in

We are always very excited to see labels we work with on a regular basis reach milestones and peaks within their catalogue. Over the years we have been lucky enough to work with some absolutely oustanding label projects, providing reviews, interviews, premieres and updates for the goings on around numerous different areas of underground dance music worldwide. Today, we are joining forces with some old friends again as the incredibly consistent team at House Of Hustle deliver a top draw compilation to celebrate 100 official releases.

Now whilst we’re here, let’s break down what 100 releases actually means. That’s not 100 songs, it’s 100 projects, all consisting of numerous different elements including artwork, mastering, press, promotion, the list goes on. To reach 100 is a genuinely huge feat for any label, so we first of all want to send our express congratulations to everyone at H&H, who seemingly are yet to drop the ball on a single one of that centuary of releases. It’s incredibly impressive.

The compilation they are bringing to the table to deploy the frivolities with is a spicy collection indeeed, as they arrange a 20 track expanse in the depths of house and bass music, with every single track on the compilation playing a unique roll in showcasing the incredible depth available within the House Of Hustle roster. When the tracklisting emerged in our inbox, the simple truth is we couldn’t wait to get involved, which is why are very excited to present our official premiere of Tim Klein’s ‘Pumpkin’ for you all this afternoon.

This track is a perfect blend of house and bass themes, forging together well processed, crispy drum loops with a memorable vocal sample, delicate pad textures, exciting build ups and a sumptuous bassline which we hear pulsating away in the lower layers. The smoothness is almost unrivaled and we can’t get enough of it.

You can check out our official premiere of the track below:

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Words: KXVU

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