One of the UK Bass scene’s most well esteemed labels, YosH, has been a mainstay label for the last 5 years and has held releases to artists such as FooR, Jay Faded, Tengu, Duckworthsound and many more, as well as being renowned for bringing through new artists and helping them develop to find a place in the crowded UK Bass scene. 

Every year the label put out a self-titled mixed compilation project, made up of brand new music forthcoming from the label all put together and mixed by a select artist, rewind to Volume 1 and label founders FooR began the tradition putting together a 21 track showcase and ever since the compilation series has been a highlight every year for the label. Hand picked by FooR, this year’s compiler was the up and coming producer, dubbleT, who has worked closely with the label since his debut release with that back in the winter of 2020.

Making the compilation his own, dubbleT recruited a roster of artists, all of whom are bubbling away within the UK Bass scene at the moment, and compiled a 20 track project showing the very best the UK Bass scene has to offer with a great contrast of styles and sounds.

What makes the YosH compilation series so unique is it’s mixed nature, giving every track an initial showcase before every track receives a full, single release and a chance for every track to be given the spotlight – this means no track or artist gets lost in the busy tracklist.

The compilation itself is a wonderfully woven together piece of work, flowing seamlessly track to track and engaging throughout, the YosH crew have made a statement with this project and it even reached 6th in the Official iTunes Dance Chart on the day of release. Each of these tracks will be well received to say the least, come their individual release date.

Stream the compilation here: https://snd.click/yosh5/

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